One refreshing facet of American cities was the presence of good public libraries everywhere -  Boston, New York, Washington.


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The Boston Public Library of course had an imposing façade and an equally majestic entrance lobby with marble lions and wide stairs. Inside it was bright , airy and cheerful , with an array of pretty green table lamps in the reading hall.

Interior of Boston Public Library

There were many interesting books that you won’t find on the shelves of your corner book s on race studies, a book titled ‘ How to read a novel’, and  many compendiums on films , television series and the like.

Books on Lennon

Libraries I thought should be bright, airy and cheerful like this one was and not stuffy and gloomy like many Indian public libraries.

Even the Winchester town where Shanto and Sarmila live had such a beautiful library, with not just books  but videos and CDs as well.   I was salivating at the site of complete John and Yoko interviews and  complete interviews of John Morrison on tape.  I also loved the quiet environs and the solitary weeping willow tree near the library.

Weeping willow in front of Winchester Public Library

( It was also quite close to the town garbage disposal  center and the junk  yard where you could discard an old bicycle, a pram,  mixer-grinder ; anything you didn’t want anymore and someone else could pick up.)



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