Kabir Rocks

Script Synopsis

Kabir is an IITian working in a software company in Bangalore, a big fan of The Beatles and Bob Dylan.  Plays the guitar and tries to write songs, performs at the alumni functions. But he knows what he is doing is shit.. nowhere  close to the authentic voices of his icons.

He eats often at a small eatery  serving  Punjabi home cooked  food  run by an old man called  Tilak Singh. Tilak  holds a mushaira there first Sunday of every month, where auto-driver types from Shivajinagar surprise Kabir with the quality of their poetry.  (Sample: Na siyasat ke liye zinda hoon, Na baghabat ke liye zinda hoon, Mujhe kya pata kaun kis ke liye zinda hai, Main toh shaayar hoon, mohabbat ke liye zinda hoon’)

Of course apart from the tasty home cooked food at the home-dhaba, the other attraction of the place for Kabir was Tilak’s daughter, Nagma, a singer herself., who performs on the special sessions of the mushaira. Kabir shares with her the problem he is facing with his songwriting. He has a sort of a band now, and wants to take part in the upcoming rock competition. Nagma says why doesn’t he take help from his namesake, the poet Kabir. She introduces him to the life and work of Kabir, of whom she is great fan.  We see the band practicing different Kabir songs. Kabir joins the competition under the name ‘ Kabir Rocks’.  His version of a Kabir classic, with a stanza of his own addition,  is a roaring hit and he wins.

She comes to congratulate him, accompanied by her childhood  boyfriend from her  village in Punjab, about whom she never mentioned to Kabir. “ Why didn’t you tell me?’ Kabir asks. ‘How would you have written such a great song then ?’  she replies. ‘ Now that you have found your song, you will find the girl too’, she teases him, as she kisses him on the cheek.”


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