Gina Yahaan

Script Synopsys

A party in progress on the terrace of a trendy home in Bangalore. Someone telling a  joke. Someone playing snatches from latest Bollywood  and international hits. A young woman in the early thirties the gets up and wants to show some daring feat from Khatron Ka Khiladi.  She does a couple of stunts successfully. Then she tries to walk on the ventilation well covered with FRP  and before anyone realizes,  the sheet gives way and she comes crashing on the ground floor. CUT to the hospital bed, where Gina ( that is her name) is lying in a coma. And her husband Mario is talking to her in an impassioned tone. As he continues talking to her we flashback to the time when they first met in Goa.

Gina was a software engineer and a very good singer married to another software engineer, Vikash. It was an arranged marriage and they are totally incompatible. The husband is a boor, totally immersed in work and given to plopping  on the sofa with beer, watching cricket match once home every evening.

Once, while on a company offsite in Goa, Gina wanted to perform a  song and needed a guitar accompanist.   The resort suggests Mario who works there as a guest relations executive. The performance turns out very well. Back at home things go from bad to worse. One day, some of Gina’s girl friends suggest a trip to Goa as they had holidays coming up. Gina is not sure. But the next evening there is a scene at home. For something very trivial  Vikash blows his top, and hits Gina. That’s the breaking point. She goes to her study and sobs. There is a call from her friend Kaveri who with another friend Shalini are planning to go for a girls-only trip to Goa and want her to join. She goes , without informing her husband, Vikash.

At Goa , Kaveri and Shalini go to some rave party while Gina stays back. She hears someone playing a lilting melody on a guitar.  It is Mario, who had accompanied her in the corporate gig. He takes her on a bike ride through the lesser known spots of Goa. They go his bachelor’s sack. She is a wonderful cook and rustles up a great  barbecue. He pours some homemade wine. Plays some more guitar. He is very caring and gentle. Gina feels the difference from Vikash. She feels love stirring within her. They kiss. They go surfing the next day. Mario teaches her. They declare love for each other. When she comes back, Vikash has already see pictures of her and Marion on Facebook posted by Kaveri. He is  doubly furious. Throws her out.  Mario is already in Bangalore as he could not live without her and had to see her. They take a Place and stay together. Mario manages to win over  Gina’s Tamil parents with his artless Goanese charm, though there are incidents of initial friction.

Kaveri who is a venture capitalist organizes finance and  they set up a Karaoke Bar.  It is an instant success buoyed up by the musical and culinary talents of Mario and Gina respectively.

It was the 1st anniversary of the Karaoke Bar they were celebrating that evening. Gina and Mario gavea rousing performance and in the audience was Vikash. He asked Gina to forgive her. He had attended a Art for Living session after she had  left him and was changed man now. He had even married a girl he met at the course, Lopamudra. , They had all come back to the beautiful penthouse of Mario and Gina to celebrate when this accident happened.

It is 7 days since that  day and Gina is still in coma. All the fans of the Karaoke Bar and friends of the couple are gathered  for a special performance  called Jeena Yahaan. T atwo way video link has been established between the hospital and the Karaoke Bar.  Vikash and Lopamudra are at vigil by her bed. A set of earphones are strapped on to Gina, piping in the music from the karaoke Bar. There many songs sung y admirers and well-wishers. Finally when Mario does his version of Jeena Yahaan Gina  opens her eyes. The doctors is called to attend to Gina. He si all smiles. This is shown the video screen at the Karaoke Bar. The crowd grows ecstatic. They join in the chorus.

Cut to a Few Months  Later ( in the course of the song). Now Gina is fully recovered except for a small scar. She joins in the song: Jeena Yahaan, Marna Yahaan, Iske Siwa Jaana Kahan. Mario and Gina do waltz. Everyone joins in.



  • Slightly comical scenes of boorish behaviour of  Vikash, the stuffy software engineer
  • The slow stirring of passion between Gina and Mario in the evocative locales of Goa – the rough sensuality of artless Mario.
  • The details of setting up of the Karaoke Bar.
  • The insiders view of a Karaoke Bar. Interesting performance of many cover versions
  • The final memorial / prayer event and the crowd participation

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