Central Park, Skyscrapers

After our first night exploration of Times Square, we decided to explore the rest of New York through a hop-on-hop-off tour. And the first stop we hopped off was Central Park.  The first thing that came to mind as I walked into the park was the concert by Simon and Garfunkel and I was certainly feeling groovy.  I looked up at the tall apartment buildings that surrounded the park, and thought, somewhere up there in one of those apartments lives Woody Allen, crafting his new dram of human quirks and complicatedrelationships.




We dropped the idea of doing the park through a horse carriage or a rickshaw ride.  But it was not possible to cover the 6 miles length of the park by foot either. So we visited few spots only and came out to pick up hot dogs which cost one dollar apiece as against three dollars or so in Times Square.  Jojo wanted to visit the Apple Store on Fifth Avenue.  And well, there was nothing to surprise.

We hopped on the bus. What I liked so much about the tour guides on this bus as well as three or four  buses that we rode in Boston was the passion, knowledge and wit that they brought into their commentary. They expected a tip, yes, and I was glad to offer each of them what I could.

As we rode through the city what impressed me most was the  impressive skyscrapers which were all done in different architectural styles ranging from classical rococo to modern minimalistic. The guide filled us in on the various buildings that were the tallest structure of their times  and were subsequently beaten  by the next upstart.   He  showed us the memorial being built at the site of the 9/11 tragedy. A friend responded to my posts on the trip by wondering why the Americans had to build skyscrapers with so much land mass at their disposal.  I guess it is just to show that you want to reach high, and the desire to kiss the sky.



The guide also showed us people trying to take a closer look at the testicles of the Wall Street Bull.

I tried to make it in time before the doors of MOMA closed for visitors, but were a few minutes late. We did take a look at the sculpture garden though and could spot Picasso’s goat. The museum store was open though and I picked up a lovely Jackson Pollock  T-shirt. You may see me wearing it to the next art exhibition.


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