I am Utkal Mohanty, a freelance writer and communication professional presently based in Bengaluru.

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My writing, mainly on films, but also book reviews and writings on theatre, music and literature, have been published in newspapers and magazines such as Deccan Herald, Gentleman, DNA, Hindustan Times, Indian Express, Man’s World, Outlook, Sunday and The Hindu. My translation of Arun Mukhodhyay’s Bengali Play ‘Mareech Sambad’ has been published by Seagull Books as ‘Mareech, The Legend’. My essay on Gopinath Mohanty’s ‘Paraja’ has been included in the anthology ‘Fifty Writers, Fifty Books’ edited by Pradeep Sebastian and Chandra Siddan.

I have worked as an engineer and have run for 25 years a boutique agency that I co-founded. But I have always been more into books, films, music, theatre, dance…the arts, so to speak.

Bollywood has played a special role in my life because I think, though I have always been a voracious reader, it is only after I saw my first Hindi film when I was twelve that I got weaned away from mathematics and sciences, and was immersed deeply in the world of fiction and make-believe.

Email: umohanty@hotmail.com