Director: Vikramjit Singh | Year: 2015

Can three beautiful people on screen, shot against equally beautiful backdrops with some foot-tapping and soulful songs in a totally vacuous plot hold your attention for some two hours and more? The answer on the evidence of Roy would have to be yes. The story of a film maker writing a script in which the real and real life gets mixed can be a complex and compelling narrative.

Roy 2

But Roy doesn’t want to go there. The plot points are there: art theft, a film-maker meeting another glamorous woman film-maker and modelling his heroine on her and the compulsive womanizer finally getting bitten by the love bug; but the film doesn’t want to flesh things out , happy just to skim  the surface. But to be honest there aren’t any false notes either. So the treatment can be mistaken as a conscious choice. The same is true for the performances as well – which si to say nobody acts. In the context of over-the-top acting style in all Bollywood films this kind of comes as a relief even, a deliberate choice or not. Almost all the lines are smart ( eg Baaten jhooth ho sakt hain kahani nahin), though there is no dramatic tension of any kind for them to make any impact. But there are compensating pleasures. Arjun Rampal and Ranbir Kapoor look like the gods of angst; and only Jacqueline Fernandes could get away pretending to be the globe-trotting film director Ayesha Aman to have helmed the award winning ‘ Malacca Times’. The fact that Kabir Grewal writes his script on a manual typewriter and his so adorable golden retriever comes to greet him when he come home after a long spell of shooting without any sign of a housekeeper have no logica to stand upon but are cute touches nevertheless. There is something going on with the father character played by the Anupam Kher character and the detective played by Rajit Kpaoor, but again the director Vikrmajit Singh doesn’t want to tell us. The songs especially Soorja Dooba are a treat, so is the fine background  score. In the end, the film doesn’t go anywhere, or doesn’t take you anywhere, but it does so with style. So while  it is quite  possible you will  be bored to death, you will find that  a pleasant experience free of any rancour or bitterness.

Roy 1

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