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Food takes on a different dimension for me during holiday trips . At home I kind of eat with my eyes closed, as my wife Jayashree says, with my mind on a thousand different things. A holiday trip is when I savour what I eat with full attention. During this trip I got to eat some great food.  Shanto taught us how to make waffles at the hotel we were staying at State College and it tasted great with honey. . The burgers at McDonald ‘s on our way to State College and in another chain at Brooklyn ( Shanto chose  the meat combo, I forget what exactly it was)  were not at all bad. The crab cakes, oysters, tuna and salmon at Zola, the lobster-shrimp at Ozzies ( a place in DC that Pom  Pom ( Pouloma, Subir’s daughter took us to ) were very good.  So was the pizza at Artichoke on Macdougal’s Street. There were the sandwiches, subs and the hot dogs. But after all that all-meat diet, what I relished most was  the old-fashioned home cooked food.


Shanto had cooked some great  prawn curry, cauliflower , as well as rui maachh that we relished on our first day in Boston.   Maitrayee welcomed us to Virginia with a delicious galangal chicken soup, shrimps and sweet and sour paneer. She had to go to work on the day we left , but she had made a special dish of crab legs. But I have to say the galangal chicken soup was out of the world. Jojo has taken a snapshot of the recipe ( she had recipe strewn all over the kitchn and living room) and Jayashree has brought home a can of galangal from a store that Maitrayee tok us to. So I am waiting.  (I must not forget to mention the exotic drinks like Tequila Sunrise that Subir treated us as a part of the welcome at his basement bar.)

Jayashree surveying the Anniversary Feast

But the biggest feast we had was on 1st of May, our anniversary.  It was a Thursday, Jayshree’s vegetarian day.  (We tried to confuse her by saying that between different time zones it was difficult to say whether it was really Thursday or not, but she would have none of it.) Sarmila had taken us to the Wholefood Store in the morning and she picked up a whole lot of exotic stuff. And the spread we had for lunch featured Orzo Salad, Dolmas, Falafal Wrap, Quinoa Green Salad with Feta Cheese, Roasted Mushroom Garlic  Salad, Fettucine Bread, Sushi, Sirloin Beef, Tiramisu. There were two types of cakes and some yummy fresh blackberries.

Sarmila made dosas in the evening . Then Shanto phoned Sayantan and Rituparn a to come over. Sayantan works at Biogen , the company that makes Tysabri, the blockbuster drug to treat multiple sclerosis.  Sayantan played soccer and he had a lot of musician friends who had a group called  Johny Come Lately performing  at a pub the coming weekend. All this may not have anything to do with food, but his wife Rituparna sure did.  Sarmila had asked her to make some kaali daal and paneer to meet Jayashree’s vegetarian needs and for the rest of us she had made a shrimps with kochu saak dish that was truly delicious.

Rituparna 1

Of course there was plenty of good wine to wash all this food down, but with my new found allegiance to the Boston Brahmins, I chose a beer that bore the name of Sam Adams. 

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