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Food must be the biggest obsession of people in the US. Of course the first thing that hit me was the portions of food and the size of coffee cups. I couldn’t finish one third of my main dish at the Chinese place in State College. Then there was the size of fruit juice cans and sausages and everything else in people’s refrigerators.

Jayashree and Sarmila  at Wholefood Market, Boston 2

IMAG0190 But happily there is also a movement towards organic food and conscious effort towards bringing people closer to their food source.  The Wholefood market in Boston where Sarmila ( friend who was hoisting us at Boston) took us was a good example of this. Pricey for sure, but worth it.


I also liked the enthusiasm with which waitresses served food in restaurants…always with a smile, doing the small talk, trying to offer a little extra.  I know they did this in hope of a better tip, but it sure made for a more pleasant eating put experience.  The fact that many of the waitresses were college students working in off hours to earn a little money helped in the caliber of people you encountered.

Was pleasantly surprised to find such a variety of eating options in a university town like State college, including Cozy Thai and the fine-dining bistro, Zola, where Ipsa ( my daughter)  treated us to a dinner of oysters, shrimps , mojito and red wine.. ( Just the lone Waldorf in Kharagpur came to  mind.)IMAG0250

There was also the variety of food available with variations in flavours, ingredients, calorie content and what have you.  The hazelnut coffee at the Dunking Donuts stop along our drive from PennState to New York , for example, tasted so good. ‘That’s because of the special hazel nut coffee beans they grow unlike Starbucks who just add the hazelnut flavour, ‘ Shanto ( friend who was hosting us at Boston) explained.

Refuelling stop at Dunking Donut on the way from State College to New York

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