Director: Nishikant Kamat | Year: 2015

Saw “Drishyam” last night. . Loved it. Thoroughly engaging from start to end. Can’t remember having seen this satisfying an Indian film in the thriller and suspense genre in a long long time. Went to see it without knowing anything about it. Not writing anything on it either , except recommending it strongly, as I want everyone to watch it with a clean slate of mind and enjoy it to the fullest.

Drishyam 2

In response to many who have tried to run down the Hindi version in comparison to the Malayalam original, I will add this much though:

First of all, why make the review a comparison with the Malaylam version? The vast majority of us are seeing the film without seeing the other versions before. I think the film has to be judged by itself first, the comparisons can be a small epilogue at the end. Secondly, while I can believe that Mohanlal in the original is brilliant, I cannot accept that Anil Kapoor or anyone else from Bollywood would have done a better job than Ajay Devgan. Mumbai does not have a Mohanalal, Period. And Mumbai films are not made in the same key of realism as Malayalam films. So I had no problem accepting Devgan and Shriya as everyday, middle-class husband and wife. You have to realize that compared to the get up and styling of any  hero and heroine  in a mainstream film, they do appear middle-class. And I think it is a good thing that Devagan does not keep flaunting his chauthi-fail gawnar personality in your face all the time. In fact he is not a ganwar at all, chauthi fail yes, but not ganwar. He is a successful businessman and has arrived somewhere in life. He is confident, has healthy sexual appetite and loves his family. I like his no-nonsense portrayal that I imagine I would the laboured portrayal of an Anil Kapoor  any of the Khans in this role. Shriya too is fine. She is the wife of a successful small-town business man, lusted after by her husband and likes to dress and groom herself well. I see no problem there. The problem comes when  you watch the films with a shadow of another film constantly clouding your vision.

Drishyam 1

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