At 90 USD , it was the single most expensive item per person in the trip. But  I had to watch a Broadway show, because it was the only thing American that one couldn’t  hope to experience in India.  KFC, Dunking Donuts, Taco Bell, Starbucks were all there, I had attended concerts by Rolling Stones and Roger Waters in Bangalore. But there was no way a Broadway musical or anything close to it in scale could be staged in India anytime soon.


Checking out on shows that were playing on Monday, I shortlisted Chicago and Phantom of The Opera, Plumped ultimately  for Phantom showing at The Majestic , going for a world-old musical, its reputation as a the longest running show on Broadway and the brand of Andrew-Lloyd Webber.

It was  as magical as I was promised to be.  It was touching in parts and I liked a couple of songs as well. But the thing that takes your breath away is the scale and artistry involved in the production. The chandelier smashing, the song on the boat, the final scene with the mask on the chair were mesmerizing indeed.

We did walk around the theater districts in both New York and Boston,  ogling at all the posters.


Jojo stole away from us visiting the comedy show places.  He did manage to catch Chris Rock filming at the Players House  ( or was it Comedy Cellar?) but did not find a comedian of his liking performing in the time also we had free.  (He caught an episode of CK Louis on the flight from DC to Paris though.)  He also passed me a copy of GQ which called Louis The Funniest People  Alive right now.  Here is a bit of Louis:

‘We don’t think about how we talk… ‘ Dude, it was amazing.’ Really? You were AMAZED by a basket of chicken wings? What if Jesus comes down from the sky and makes love to you all night long and leaves the new Living Lord in your belly? What are you going to call that? You used ‘ amazing’ on a basket of chicken wings? You’ve limited yourselves verbally to a shit life!”

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